Digital technologies are an integral part of our everyday life, whether professional or private. They simplify processes in business and administration, expand the possibilities in the field of education, and enable a diverse private life. Supporters and drivers of the digital economy are manufacturers of hardware and software, service providers, content producers, network and cloud operators, and manufacturers of components.
They want the state to have a coherent digital strategy, a nationwide infrastructure, modern data law, and support on security issues. Users, in turn, are entitled to reliable products, data security and transparent business models.

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Dr. Hans Bellstedt

Owner and Managing Partner

 Dr. Hans Bellstedt  - Inhaber und Geschäftsführer - hbpa - The Future of Public Affairs

Hans Bellstedt has advised global IT groups in the areas of software, cloud computing, network technology and imaging, among other things. Together with his team, he keeps an eye on the relevant political processes, creates analyzes and designs innovative dialogue formats in which stakeholders from different sides come together.


Themenwelt Bauen und Wohnen
Building and Housing
Themenwelt Digitalwirtschaft
Digital Economy
Themenwelt Energie und Klima
Energy and Climate
Themenwelt Finanzen und Altersvorsorge
Finance and Retirement
Themenwelt Gesundheitswirtschaft
Healthcare Economy
Themenwelt Mobilität